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Knuth Beth

Knuth Beth was born on August 2, 1935 in Germany.  In 1960, he left his hometown of Koblenz, Germany to come to North America. After a brief stint at a German publication in Canada he came to Detroit to work as a printer for the former owners of the Detroiter Abend-Post. In 1963 Knuth Beth bought the newspaper.

Knuth Beth‘s contribution to German American life in the greater Detroit area included - together with his sister Adelgund Fuchs, the founding of the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Leserkreis (German-American Reader‘s Circle). Under this name Knuth and his sister Adelgund offered the readers bus tours to Frankenmuth and Stratford, Ontario. Soon the first charter flights from Detroit non-stop to Frankfurt were offered, which occurred during Christmas 1968. After 1974, these charter flights became an annual venture, which turned into a new company - headed by Knuth Beth - Travel Charter, Inc.

Knuth Beth was instrumental in bringing musical groups and entertainers over from Germany to help promote festivities in many local German-American Clubs. To keep the connection to the Old World - the homeland of his readers - going, Knuth Beth made sure that, with the publishing and printing of a German language newspaper he would keep the German language alive on this North American continent.

Knuth Beth‘s motto is: Only those, who broaden their horizon, have a future. And the horizon broadened. In 1991 Knuth Beth bought two German language newspapers and saved them from going under: the Chicago Abendpost/Sonntagspost and the Milwaukee Deutsche Zeitung. The subscribers of these papers were integrated into the readership of the N.A. Wochen-Post.

The paper served as a mouthpiece of the German-Americans, a faithful and comforting old soul of European information and much more. In October of 2004 the paper celebrated it‘s 150th year with a large special edition about the German immigration to the United States. This edition became a collector‘s item. Now the paper is looking forward to printing a special issue for it‘s 157th year in October 2011.

Knuth Beth is married to Kathrin since 1962 (he met her on a train trip from Montreal to New York City). They have two married children, Antje (Chris) and Dirk (Sabrina) as well as four grand children.

In an interview with the Detroit News - Oakland section, Knuth Beth said, he feels he has an obligation to continue publishing the paper: „I want to continue, there is a long tradition here and I will keep it alive as long as I am able to work.“

Knuth Beth has been recognized for his many contributions for the German-American community:

* In 1983 he received the German-American Friendship Award issued by the German Government and presented by the German Ambassador to the US

* In 1987 the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Detroit awarded Knuth Beth the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande)

* In 2004 Knuth Beth was honored by Fred Hoffman, Honorary Consul Federal Republic of Germany,  with the Golden Angel Award in recognition of the Wochen-Post‘s 150th year.

* He was a founding member of the GACC Tischtennis Gruppe

* He is a honorary member of the GBU Saxonia Rheingold Mixed Choir

For his tireless efforts to promote and keep the German language alive in America, Knuth Beth is a man deserving this Michigan Music Hall of Fame Honor.



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