18 November, 2014


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Edith Kuplent

Edith Kuplent, nee Leuschner, escaped 1948 as a 10year old with her family from Dresden (the former East Germany), finding refuge in Wetzlar / Hessia, where she attended school. She sang in the School Choir, later-on at the Union Choir of Wetzlar; both times under the musical director Hugo Lotz. She immigrated in 1958 to the United States, went to work and was asked by a friend to join the GBU Choir and Fraternal Organization.

Edith married to Franz Kuplent in 1957. She has two lovely daughters -  Margret and Heidi, and is very proud of three grand sons: Kyle, Brian and Dylan.

From 1972 till 2002 Edith worked as a Real Estate Broker and, during that time received many awards. She has been the Vice-President of the Michigan Sängerbezirk since January 1998. She has been on the Board of Directors of the GACC (German American Cultural Center) for many years. On April 12th, 2003 Edith was chosen German-American of the year. She also is a member of the Carpathia Club and the Austrian Club. She was the GBU Chorus Treasurer for 25 years and at this time (2011) has been President of the Choir for 27 years.

In 2008 Edith received the MVP Award from the NFCA (National Fraternal Congress Association.

Edith organized several choir trips to Germany. The first trip was in 1983. The choir participated in Krefeld, where the 300year anniversary of German immigration to the United States of America took place. The choir also sang at the Song Festival of the German Sängerbund in Hamburg. The second trip was organized in 1993, when about 40 singers went to Germany, visiting many cities with the final stop in Rockenberg, where Edith received the “Hugo Lotz Plaque”, which is a very prestigious honor.

In 1995 Edith was awarded a Plaque for German American Friendship for furthering German Culture from the Mayor of Gau-Algesheim, Germany. In that connection she received recognition from the Redford Twp.-Sister City Commission for dedicated service and outstanding, individual contributions.

In July 1997 Edith organized a bus trip for the choir to Lake Placid, NY for a cultural exchange. The choir sang in a Park and, during church service in Jay, NY.

In 1998 the Deutsche Sängerbund gave Edith an honorary document for 50 years of faithful membership and promoting choir singing.

At the end of May 2000 the choir went on its 4th trip to Germany.

In September of 2003 Edith organized the 5th Choir trip to Germany. The tour included Weiterstadt/Braunshardt, Kassel, Hann.Münden/Oberode, Halberstadt, Brocken/Wernigerode, Rüsselsheim, Brombachtal, Rossdorf, Traben-Trabach and  Nierstein/Rhein River.

In September 2006 the 6th Choir Trip started in Hammelburg, Würzburg, included a boat ride on the Main River,  Lana (South Tyrolia), from there bus trips to the Dolomite Alpine Range, Meran, Castle Schenna, Salzburg, singing with the Adnet Singkreis, last stop Bad König.

Edith is instrumental in organizing the well-known and loved Karneval (Mardi Gras) proceedings (Prize Masquerade Balls) which are held each year. In 1996 she and Gerhard Schiller were elected Princess and Prince. She has also initiated the annual Old World Christmas Market, held every November and now in its 16th year.

Edith Kuplent continues to be active in the GBU Choir, Karneval events and Christmas Market. It is very fitting, that she receives this State’s highest honor for all her accomplishments.



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